Fitness Classes for Adults

Core mat class

A fun, pilates and yoga based class working only on the floor! This class is great for everyone, no matter what your level. You will work the whole body to improve posture, alignment and core strength to help your body function in a more healthy and efficient way. Watch your body get slim and toned from head to toe!


natana fitnessThis is a Yoga and BarreFit combination class. Get ready to sweat! A low impact class, with isometric movements to fatigue the muscles and strengthen the entire body, you will feel stronger and longer. Enjoy the feeling of calm and poise with the yoga movements and feel an overall sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Be ready to sweat! This class mixes ballet, pilates and yoga for a high intensity class to burn fat, improve strength and flexibility. With dynamic strengthening and stretching and isometric movements to target the muscles deeply for more effective muscle toning, expect an awesome workout with very effective results!

Yoga for all

A combination of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow. We will cover everything from standing poses to arm balances and inversions. With excellent guidance you will be able to go deep into postures and experience a truly invigorating practice with full relaxation to finish.


NatalieFitness Classes for Adults