Dance Classes for Teens

pointe shoes animatedBallet for all levels (12 years & up)

This class includes strengthening and conditioning to enable the student to perform correct technique. Barre, center work and across the floor combinations will give students a full example of how a ballet class is performed. With commitment to this class, students will reach the level and strength to do pointe work, as well as given the opportunity to take exams towards reaching an advanced level.  Some basic knowledge is required for this class. Please wear black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Lyrical jazz for all levels

This class combines ballet and contemporary dance to allow the dancer to explore many levels of movement. Using many genres of music the dancer learns to express themselves emotionally and increases their spacial awareness on a physical level as well mentally so they can also apply these principles to every day life.

natalie gypsy dancerMusical Theater all levels

A fabulous and fun class for all, learning a new routine each week from old and modern musicals. Invite your friends and dance!

Hiphop for all levels

A fun high intensity class to boost your hip hop moves while getting fit a the same time! Choose your favorite song to groove to each week and have a blast!

NatalieDance Classes for Teens